My main skill set includes writing and communication, Adobe Photoshop Illustrator, Premiere Pro, digital advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google, and social media strategy and management.

If you’re paying attention to my logo, you’ll notice three symbols. They all represent something about me, my personality and my skills.

☕ #Coffee = #communication. Let’s talk, or allow me to talk and share my thoughts and be myself. 
💻 📱 #iPad = #tech and #business. I am a business person through and through. I’m a pretty serious person but I love the ability to go #mobile. I like getting things done on a machine that can be used for business or pleasure. I also just love tech and sometimes I want to talk about it. 
📷 #Camera = the arts. I say the #arts because I love #photography#musicwas my first love, and surprise, I’m working on more and more #graphicdesign type things. I’d also love to share those and my #thoughts on those things here.